About us

Biotelliga Ltd. is the trading entity for its parent Biotelliga Holdings Ltd, a business concentrating on global development of Bio Control solutions and winner of the prestigious University of Auckland Business School Entrepreneurship Challenge, 2010, and the 2013 Janssen Industry Excellence Award for Best Emerging Company of the Year.

New Zealand's climate and diversity in horticultural activity makes it an ideal testing ground for state of the art biological control agents. In addition to an ideal location, Biotelliga brings together scientists with vision and credentials to develop new products and break new ground in the provision of sustainable solutions in partnership with key stakeholders.

Biotelliga is in central Auckland and their main laboratory, optimisation, fermentation, and scale-up facilities are based in Pukekohe New Zealand, a region of intense horticultural activity right on the doorstep of a heavily populated urban area. Biotelliga’s genomic research is based at the Microbial Innovation Centre, The University of Auckland.

Biotelliga works closely with research partners spanning all across New Zealand - See our Research page for further details.

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