Biotelliga's research priorities address a pressing need to develop alternatives to conventional synthetic chemical pesticides. Consumers increasingly require high quality blemish free produce free from pesticide residues. At the same time exports markets have strict phytosanitary protocols requiring a high standard of insect pest and fungal disease control. These objectives are becoming more difficult to achieve as there are fewer pest control options available because key pest fungal disease species have developed resistance to a number of available products. This problem is compounded by fewer products being world-wide. In addition, many of New Zealand’s key export markets are requesting zero pesticide residues. New Zealand's indigenous biosphere offers an exciting new opportunity for new leads of biologicals which will help to fulfill ‘Biotelliga’s Vision'

…to provide global leadership in research, development and commercialization of biocontrol products for agriculture and horticulture leading to sustainable industrial practices and to safer, healthier food and environment.

Biotelliga is currently working on the following research and development projects:

Research Partners

Biotelliga has a network of research partners distributed across NZ comprising of New Zealand’s top science institutions, giving us access to the best scientific resources in the country.

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Biotelliga has formed a dynamic research and development partnership with world class scientists, universities and institutions. Our collaborative team is committed to identify new biopesticide technologies and develop market leading products utilizing biotelliga's proprietary formulation and manufacturing processes.

Biotelliga Research Partnerships

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